LG HD Commercial TVs


LG HD Interactive Hospitality Commercial TVs

Hospitality specific features and functions include public display settings, USB cloning capability and an RS-232C port which helps reduce installation time and maintenance costs.

UIG supply LG Hospitality LCD TVs with a three year on-site warranty. Thus, should any LG Hospitality LCD TV supplied by UIG ever develop a problem/fault, this simply means you need only contact the UIG 1300 service number and we will organise for an onsite visit to diagnose/fix the issue or replace the unit outright. This is a critical issue to consider, especially in regards to the importance placed upon TV as an entertainment/communication device by aged care residents.

UIG traditionally deploy Hospitality grade TVs into aged care or hospital facilities for the following reasons:

a. UIG program the TV so that each time it is turned on, your corporate logo is displayed whilst the TV is booting and then the set automatically selects the Web2TV service (or other nominated channel) thus keeping the resident/patient informed of on-site news and events, as well as adding to the community spirit of the aged care facility/hospital.

b. UIG program the TV to accept all television channels being broadcast within the facility. We furthermore then "lock" the channel programming so that residents/patients cannot delete channels or modify the channel numbers being used (i.e.: this is done to avoid confusion on behalf of the resident and also eliminates the need for staff to attend to TV related issues).

c. UIG program maximum volume levels. This is especially important in aged care and hospital facilities whereby overly loud sounding TVs must be eliminated and thus not adversely affect other residents/patients or staff. Furthermore, we can set an acceptable volume for when the TV is first turned on (this can be modified on an individual basis if required).

d. Hospitality grade TVs have hidden speakers which are purposely designed to provide clear audio coverage within a residential/hotel/hospital size room without having to generate significant volume. The front bezel works as a speaker, replacing the normal speaker grill. With the Invisible Speaker system, the speakers are embedded in strategic spots underneath and around the front bezel. They enhance the audio by increasing the 'sweet spot' to give a wider and richer sound field. This new speaker system provides a clean and fashionable design compared with traditional side or bottom speaker designs.

e. Anti-Theft Lock. The TV in your lodging is now safe and secure against any unauthorised access with the anti-theft lock system.

f. LG ez-Cable Management. Designed for easy to manage wiring, enhancing resident convenience, and providing neat and tidy appearance.

g. Being designed for the hospitality market, energy efficiency is a typical characteristic of a Hospitality grade TV. Accordingly, Hospitality grade TVs consume less energy than similar sized consumer LCD or Plasma TVs. This not only reduces the actual running costs of the TV itself, but also reduces the load and subsequent running costs of environmental systems as less heat is generated due to less energy being consumed.

h. UPDATED MARCH 2011: UIG can now supply the optional aged care specific LG remote control units. These units (which only work with LG hospitality TVs) are manufactured with only the buttons required for aged care environments, thus avoiding resident confusion of "there's too many buttons". Furthermore, these remotes can be individually programmed to only work with a nominated specific TV – this is extremely useful where there is more than one TV in the same room.

i. UIG can optionally install "remote jack packs" whereby the connections behind the TV are actually presented to an area or location within the room which can be easily accessed by the resident. UIG conceal the wiring between the pack and the TV, thus allowing easy connection of any commonly used external device.

LG TV Remote Jack Pack

Note: the optional remote jack pack eliminates the necessity for residents to actually touch the TV and furthermore considering that many residents often have wall units or small tables in front of and below the TV, thus avoids the potential for falls and accidents.


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